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December 12th, 2009

Art for Harbek!

Title: Barneytales
Gift for: harbek
Artist: moment_of_sen
Rating: G
Fandom: How I Met Your Mother + Dr Horrible
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes: I liked the idea of mistaken identity. It's the best way of crossing over the two fandoms, I think =)
Summary: Barney has the most far-fetched stories.

Art for Harbek! (three images)Collapse )

Art for Red_eft!

Title: Jingle Bells Batman Smells
Gift for: red_eft
Artist: melisus
Rating:: G
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) and the Joker
Warnings: none
Artist notes: red_eft said they were fond of ladies being awesome, and we can NEVER have enough of that.
Summary: If Robin broke his leg (or laid an egg) and the Batmobile lost a wheel... would the Joker REALLY get away?

Art for Red_eft!Collapse )


Art for Nothingtoregret!

Title: Calm before the Storm
Gift for: nothingtoregret
Artist: cherrycoloured
Rating: PG-13 for non-sexual nudity
Fandom: Macbeth
Warnings: non-sexual nudity
Artist's Notes: I was pretty excited when my requester said she/he wanted Shakespeare fanart. I decided to go with Macbeth, since it's always been my favorite though seeing as I've been drawing the Tenth Doctor on all my notes recently, it's a wonder I didn't go with Hamlet xD The idea behind this picture is the scene in which Lady Macbeth is concincing Macbeth to kill the king. Macbeth's nudity is supposed to symbolize his vulnerability when it comes to his wife's plans and also that I was really pleased with how his body turned out so I didn't want to cover it in clothes. Lady Macbeth's design is based off of a painting I found while doing research of her being portrayed by the actress Ellen Terry. I thought it was a striking image, teh pale skin against red hair and a deep green dress, so I did a similar design, but in my own anime-ish style.

The coloring was done by painting watercolor splotches, and then scanning them into my computer. From there, I collaged the splotches in Photoshop to create a pattern. I think this helped to get the natural yet even look I was going for.
Summary: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, done in a mix of traditional and CGI.

Art for Nothingtoregret!Collapse )

Art for Ocicatsy!

Title: Three Card Spread
Gift for: ocicatsy
Artist: darthneko
Rating: PG
Fandom: Devil May Cry, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica 2004
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes: I'm chronically indecisive and there were too many fabulous things to choose from, so I went for all of the above! I've also included the cards by themselves, out of the spread, so that you can hopefully see them better. =)
Strength to do what you know is right in the face of opposition. Strength to defy convention and authority.
The Moon is the card of the madman, the drug addict and the creative genius. Of the tortured soul.
The Fool journeys through life, tasting everything it has to offer then letting it go and moving on.
[ Kara Thrace, Dean Winchester, Dante ]

Art for Ocicatsy (4 images)!Collapse )

Art for Nextian!

Title: Ice Cream War
Gift for: nextian
Artist: bluelittlepig
Rating:: G
Fandom: The Middleman
Characters: Wendy Watson, Lacey Thornfield
Artist notes:The friendship between Wendy and Lacey is one of my favorite things about this show (among all the awesome things that this show has), so I just wanted to create something showing Wendy and Lacey being BFFs. I had a great time making this. I hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Mod Note: Dear nextian, your Mystery Artist has offered to send you this beautiful craft! Arrangements can be made after the reveals. Happy holidays!

Art for Nextian (7 images)!Collapse )



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