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December 21st, 2009

Art for Karasu_hime!

Title: from all this death
Gift for: karasu_hime
Artist: bossymarmalade
Rating: G
Fandom: Bram Stoker's Dracula
Artist's Notes: Despite the nerves and gin that it takes for me to get out of my comfort zone and get through this challenge, I end up loving it! Hurrah for the mods and for all of you wonderful participants!
Summary: A kiss to reunite them, in the land beyond the forest.

Art for Karasu_hime!Collapse )

Art for Amyeyl!

Title:The Gathered Four
Gift for: amyeyl
Artist: gryfeathr
Rating:: G
Fandom: Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors
Characters: Seiji, Touma, Anubis, Shuten (Sage, Rowen, Cale and Anubis for the dub folks)
Warnings: (if applicable) Non!
Artist notes: When I saw the fandom list there was no choice left for me (among a plethora of some of my favourite things!) -- SAMURAI TROOPERS YES. I couldn't choose who would be the most fun, so I just threw all of Amyeyl's favourites in. I hope you enjoy, it was wonderful to work on and a great nostalgia trip!

Art for Amyeyl!Collapse )

Art for Devidarkwolf!

Title: On Guard
Gift for: devidarkwolf
Artist: ria_oaks
Rating: G
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Artist's Notes: You said you wanted an action/fighting scene with Kirk and Spock, and I hope this works for you! They're presumably about to fight... something. Or they're just striking heroic action poses, I'm not sure which. :) Enjoy!
Summary Kirk and Spock poised for battle

Art for Devidarkwolf!Collapse )

Art for Bluelittlepig!

Title: The Seasonal Crossover Massacre
Gift for: bluelittlepig
Artist: reflectedeve
Rating:: PG-13 for zombie gore
Fandom: The Middleman and The Umbrella Academy
Characters: most of them?
Warnings: three panels of cartoony, unrealistic zombie bloodshed
Artist notes:
Summary: It was really hard to pick between all your awesome fandoms, but these two cross over nicely. :) I had a blast doing this piece - it's always great to get a request that inspires you in new and different directions. Hope you don't mind the holiday theme (I tried to keep it light). Happy Yuletart!

Art for Bluelittlepig!Collapse )



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