Yuletart Mods (yuletart_mods) wrote in yuletart,
Yuletart Mods

Art for Echidnite!

Title: 'Better than Mama!'
Gift for: echidnite
Artist: unithien_rerith
Rating: G
Fandom: Half Life/Half Life 2 (etc)
Characters: Gordon Freeman
Artist notes: In the prompt, Echidnite said that she really enjoyed makani's version of nerdy Gordon. I have to say that I do too. Makani was one of my early artistic influences, and I was happy to do a piece inspired by her fantastic fanart with my own flair.
Summary: After a hard day of killing zombies and defeating evil, Gordon decides that it's time for some R&R. And maybe also time to learn to cook (?)

Tags: half life
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