Happy Yuletart, lady_nimua!

Title: That's a personal question
Gift for: nogah 
Artist:  ieke85 
Rating:: G
Fandom: Bedazzled (1967) film
Characters: Stanley Moon and George Spiggott (aka, the Horned One, Beelzebub, the Devil, the Unholy One...)
Warnings: It's G and technically canon, but with a little room for interpretation. ;)
Artist notes: Paper and a #2 pencil. I had fun with this one, and it was an excuse to see a new movie (er, old movie)! I'm new to the fandom, so I hope I did it justice and you like it!
Summary: How do you prove you're the Devil? Through a demonstration of your amazing powers, of course. But first...

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Happy Yuletart, xenakis_

Title: Aim and Fire
Gift for: xenakis_
Artist:  aredblush 
Rating:: G
Fandom: Inception
Characters: Arthur, Eames
Warnings: um. Guns?
Artist notes: Happy holidays xenakis_! Drawing this for you was so
much fun, I hope this is close to what you had in mind when you asked for
them being kickass and in love :)
Many, many thanks to L for the beta and N for the handholding.
Summary: Love means never having to watch your own back.

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Happy Yuletart, telophase!

Title: Unusual Trials
Gift for: telophase
Artist:  thoracopagus 
Rating:: PG
Fandom: xxxHolic
Characters: Yuuko
Warnings: (implied-ish) nudity
Artist notes: You had so many great fandoms to choose from, it was difficult to settle on which one to draw! Yuuko is the perfect magic alcoholic queen of my heart though, and demanded a portrait.
Summary: Somewhere between still drunk and hungover, Yuuko leaves her room without bothering to find a robe.

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Happy Yuletart, tripperfunster!

Title: Frammenti d'Ampolla
Gift for: tripperfunster
Artist: eryslash
Rating: R
Fandom: Harry Potter
Warnings: slash, dark moon
Artist's Notes: The title means "pieces of broken glass bottle", in fancy italian. This is watercolor and inks, the concept is some kind of dark potion's bottle broke and revealed a secret thought of the Potion Maker. Or well, maybe I just thought a dark vertical composition would look cool! I'm sorry this isn't funny and sexy as tripperfunster wanted, but I'm really noy good with funny. Hope it's sexy enough though ♥
Summary: A vision inside poison.

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Happy Yuletart, oteap!

Title: A Cat May Look at a King
Gift for: oteap
Artist: chomiji
Rating: PG (in case someone is anxious about skeletons)
Fandom: Discworld
Warnings: nothing, really - it's mainly symbolic
Artist's Notes: mixed media (free-hand paper cutting in black rag writing paper and blue wrapping foil, over watercolor wash with salt sprinkled)
Summary: Death was definitely the oddest thing I've ever tried to cut out of a sheet of paper. Because I was including Greebo, I needed something to balance him, and one of Paul Kidby's illustrations suggested to me a kitten, whom I have given height to match Greebo's by perching on one of Death's iconic hourglasses.

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Candy canes

Happy Yuletart, cerine!

Title: Home
Gift for: cerine
Artist: lady_ganesh 
Rating:: G
Fandom: Ponyo
Characters: Granmamare
Artist notes: Source photo is from GinkgoTelegraph on Flickr
(used under a Creative Commons license), and is of the real-life
village, Tomonoura, where Ponyo is set. I added Ponyo's
bucket and a glimpse of Granmamare in the background.
Summary: Ponyo's home; both land and sea.

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Happy Yuletart, chase_acow!

Title: The Investigation
Gift for: chase_acow 
Artist: chen_san 
Rating:: PG
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Warnings: there is some blood on the wall in the background....
Artist notes: This was really challenging for me and I'm glad I joined yuletart this year to draw a Sam and Dean fanart. I always wanted to, but never felt like trying. When I read the requests from chase_acow the idea came to my mind. The background was originally supposed to be a part of a building from the OK-Campus... but I failed ^^" I'm sorry... Chase_acow, I hope you like it :D
Summary: (if applicable) Sam and Dean investigating some strange incidents.

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